Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More D&D cartoons

Back with more cartoons from the archives.In the late 80's and early 90's, I had my cartoons appearing in Dragon magazine. I also used to go to conventions to do sketches, etc.
At one of the conventions I was approached by an independent publisher who liked my cartoons, and asked me if I would like to do some cartoons for his books. Of course I jumped at the chance.
So here is a mixture of cartoons from Dragon, and from those two trade paperbacks,
" Mirth of Yore ", and " It's a Gamer' s Life ".
Click on the cartoons to see the full version.

I liked this cartoon because it was a play on the medium. How do you know what the color is in a black and white cartoon?

I like the dog's expression. There is no way he's giving that back.

I liked the idea of the 7 Dwarfs acting like the ones you would find in the " Lord of the Rings".

I thought it would be funny to have the role-playing characters aware that their real world counter-parts were lousy players, and that they were about to get mauled by this creature.

This cartoon is based on a true story. Sometimes the DM,( Dungeon Master = person who is in charge of the game), wants to wrap things up. It's not a good idea to keep saying.." just one more roll"...when the DM has to go to work the next day.

This cartoon was one of those stream of consciousness moments. I roughed out this cartoon where a party had been decimated by this monster, and the last guy still breathing is looking in the monster's face, and then his line popped into my head.
This is one of my favorite cartoons.
One more thing. If anyone has one of these books, look for
me at Dragon*Con this weekend, and I'll sign them for you!

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